tHis is h0w i feel..

I'm n0t thE type t0 gEt my hEart br0kEN,I'm not the typE to get upset aNd cry
 CoZ I never leave my hEart opeN
 I never leave my heart opEn
.And someone can say they love me truly
But at the time it didn't mean a thing
My mind is gone.I'm spinninG round N deep inside
My tears I'll drown,I'm losin grip
What's happeninIG.I strayed from ell-ow-vee-ee.This is how I feel!!
This time was different.But no matter what, you'll never see Me cry.
 How did I get here with you I'll neVer know I never meant to let it get so pers0nal.
And after all I tried to do To stay away from ell-owh-vee-ing you.
I'm broken hearted I can't let y0u know.
And I wOn't let it show you won't see mE cry 
All my life...

PeSanan Rasulullah (saw):pada waktu pagi dan petang bacalah:  Ya Allah, aku memohon perlindungan denganMu daripada keluh kesah dan kesedihan, rasa lemah dan kemalasan, Aku memohon perlindungan denganMu daripada sifat penakut dan kebakhilan, dan aku mohon perlindungan denganMu dari bebanan hutang dan dikuasai seseorang. (Hadith riwayat Abu Daud)

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