*this is why jUstin bieber is h0t!!

chEck it 0ut y0wh...hye3 we meet again!!bell is n0w watchiNg justin biber new s0ng...kiss and tell..JUSTIN bieber is my idol oke..he's so cool..hns0me..sweet smilez with his whip hair..I dont get it,I like justin a lot but at the same time I want to cut off his head and give it to a bunch of zombies so they can eat it.Can someone explain this to me!!!haha ok this is weird!..0wchh!!it s0 aws0me..if w0nder he will be my b0yfriend i'll never let he go..hUhu(yoyo larh tu..)lets see if JBiebz is hott or n0t y0wh!!!

You are so hawt!!.... (speechless)..Bieber isn`t HOT . .. He is the hottest boy in the world <3

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