Hey peeps ! ,
It's been a month I didn't post any story . SORRY !
I'm TOO-BUZZ'ee with school . Pardon me :(
Hey ! :D . Wanna know something ? Oukay let's start with a good news .
This year , my luck and my study is GOOD ! :D I love my life even there are a lil problem , but I'm so happy THIS YEAR !. 2011 , I LOVE YOU !
*mUke cemek:but it seems like mathematics,and science getting more and more EASY and EASIER than lower form and PERDAGAngaN i'hve t0 work hard bc0z its difficUlt t0 me. :)
That class! , I mean that my NEW class! I thought its was very intresting when g0t a new friend but until n0w i still d0n hve a gEnk wh0 wnt t0 lEpak wiv me..
that class is very happyning and noisy bcoz of the b0yz lar...huhu~

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sEkadar uNtuk meNc0ret-carEt di rUang hati kEhidUpanku..kamsaHamnida