Ab0ut my hOt feeling...~

inside me:purple
real bell:black

What the hell babe!!today bell menggunakan perkataan aku k..harap faham(tgh marah)...aku tak tahu larh kenapa aku rasa nk marah jer kt s0meone..NK MARAH SANGAT!!ini perasaan marah atau JEALOUSE..tell me Bell why are you so angry with him????are you sure are about your feeling?its that true??? noPE i think i jealouse to him n its make me angry!!!!now you say no ... what makes you angry or jealous? what mistakes he made ​​huh? urmmm2 .. actually I do not know why I feel like this .. or I might have liked him ... are you sure bell ? yes .. I told the truth and the whole world will know about my feelings .. so why are you angry like a fucking hell? I actually worried when he did not speak to me again as before-past.Something has happened to make him change attitude,I did not know... I was missing him.is all this my fault???what did i do....

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