Who LoveTo lAugh!?Raise Your Hands and LaUgh with me..!

i do! hehe  =D
i love to watch comedy, read comix, heard funny stories, goofing around with frens..
thats make me laugh.
setiap kali bell gelak ia membuatkan bell gembira
even benda 2 x sefUnny mane pun bell akan gelak..
kan some research says,
laughter is the Best Medicine for our health
its good for reducing stress, enhancing brain chemistry...
so, laugh as much as u can..hahaha
s0 what???u think i am crazy???nope im n0rmal pers0n..

but then, a few days ago, i read some article in magazined in school library....
it realized me, keeps playing in my mind....
yaang membUatkan saye rasa...

Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Banyak Ketawa Hati Mati

how can it be..?

Rasulullah SAW bersabda bermaksud: 
"Dan janganlah kamu banyak ketawa kerana banyak ketawa itu mematikan hati (riwayat Ahmad dan at-Tirmizi)."

Saidina Umar al-Khattab pernah berkata, seseorang yang banyak ketawa nescaya akan kurang rasa takutnya kepada Allah. Apabila rasa takutnya berkurangan, maka akan kuranglah taatnya kepada Allah.

yeah, its true..
if u wanna know, satan loves laughing.. they want to laugh all the times..
that makes us as their bezfrens!
they really hate seeing us crying...

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a : Rasulullah telah bersabda yang bermaksud: "Apabila menguap salah seorang kamu dalam sembahyang, maka hendaklah kamu menutup mulutnya sedapat mungkin dan jangan sampai mengatakan 'hah' kerana sesungguhnya yang demikian itu dari syaitan yang ketawa.

Islam never forbade his followers to express their happiness and satisfaction with a laugh...
kang people will call us smug if we don't laugh on their jokes..
so, don't laugh too much lar, preferably a smile... =)
bak kata org, "ketawa smpai tak ingt dunia"...huhu

gelak sopan

i also wondering...
should we believe 100% to science researches anymore?
before this, as we know that coffee is bad for healthy..
bcoz of that, we don't drink it... (bell pun minum jekk)
but then, i also found that coffee is our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w favorite's drink!
thats rite! org putih do loves coffee, lots of coffee shop either..

hmm.. are they wanna make fool on us or what?
for muslims, juz be careful...
jangan t'pesong akidah suda... =)

p/s : times are changing, but the law of God does not change at all

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