- My happy famiy
- My lovely buddies
- perfumes of course
- capturing picca heee
- shawls and scarf
- facebooking
- my powder
- those who LOVE ME :D
- those who want to be my friend foreva awwwwww
- those who talk nicely to me
- those who smile to me
- those who never cheat on me
- writing something nonsense in these blog HAHAH
- my "busuk" pillow , i cant sleep without it :PP
- mirror oucccccccccc
-laughfing like a HELL !
- my richy wallet :E
- my messy room
- I do love Justin Bieber songs awwwwww
- clothings
- eating eating eating yeah !
- chocalate + strawberry+vanilla=ice cream yummy yummm
- can eat all the "halal"
-pinky ang childlike pers0n
- play with my hair I guess
- thinking of my future be4 sleep
- 'when you look me in the eyes' song by Jonas Brothers
- LAST BUT NOT LEAST , maybe YOU wink wink HAHA kidding..


- those who lied to me
- those who make me cried
- those who promise me many thing but didnt do it
- those talk bad about me
-b0ys that annoyying me..
- those who hurt me again and again
- those who HATE me , hello ! i hate you twice HAHAH
- those who said 'i'm not single' errrrrr so what ? HAHA
- babling
- smelly toilet
- dont get what I realy want
- what I've done in my past
- waiting and waiting and waiting

now you know me better rite ? welcome to my world eheeeee

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