A little bit b0red.

Hellupp ! Ha ha ha i bid t0 myself., seri0usly mood bosan giler . study3! 0Md my head g0ing crazy ., n0thing to do actually s0 i just write s0mething crossed in my head, 0wh that b0y "kecik" my classmate a.k.a b0y that always make my eyes annoying with him. Huhu, last time he disturbed me ., but n0w no want will sally, m0ck and called me "muncung" ! huhu, my m0od sp0il with0ut pe0ple that always make me smile., 'kEcik" accident m0tocycle so i'll bored in the class . He always make me laugh n laugh, My big ass als0 not there f0r me., huhh mmng b0san lah hid0p nieh.. im feel like want t0 running 0ut 0f space t0 go s0me cozy place with him, huhh than he will cheer me up . Ha ha., 0ut 0f my mine !

N0takakiku: M0stly like PURPLE !

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