As University Students

Heyy guys, ok yesterday I went to Seminar Skor A' at Multimedia University College, Melaka. Yesterday was a tiring day. And today I'm not going to school due to feel very sleepy. My mother gave me a permission to skip class. Hooyeahh~ this is my opportunity to wrote something here guys. Back to the topic I'm gonna talked about my journey at MMU. Huhu actually I'm not to wrote down for it. HAHA lets the picture talked about :


Smart tak? okaii2 they are all my fellow classmates yang tersayang.

My baby mowkx snapping pitca with me in the hall when we're fucking bored.

Why my faces being like that huh?? totally grrr--'

Exhauted -.- forced smile

Tudung senget benget.haha so what??

Another one my bestie, Fatin Nadirah hoho

Hehew together we are :")

Fatin,Athirah,me and Mr Ganesh Ronaldo.haha


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