Heyy U..senyUm larh.!

A smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth. The smile can also be found around the eyes . Among humans, it is customarily an expression denoting pleasure, happiness, or amusement, but can also be an involuntary expression of anxiety, in which case it is known as a grimace.


Can’t remember when was the last time I collect new smile on this blog. I can’t resist to post this one. It’s a sweet smile, a warm smile and a smile from the great spirit.

This is one of the very cute and funny smiles that make me laugh so hard. I love this great moment of smile.I have to post this photo on theimymemine blog because the cute smile really make me laugh so hard.

Happy Green Smile
WOW! What a great / blue smile on theimymemine blog theimymemine bloggie. I have no idea what that 10 fingers mean, but I like her smile. The color of the eyes and the wall are almost identical. That made this smile photo a perfect greenhappy smiles.

 This is definitely one of them. The richest smile in the world from Bill Gates is now on the happiest blog in the world.

Eva Longoria. Another great sexy actress from Desperate Housewive TV show. Eva Longoria and Terri Hatcher are the two of my favorite actress in the TV show.

owh thats is me yuPP!!bella with her sweet smilez..
so jgnla masam2 mUke..kan manis biler kite senyum...

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