The ugly aki

HyEy im n0t going to scool..haha
saje je nk amik mc t0day..
no mood to studying..btw im snezziNg lol~AsshUMMm!!
so t0day my new entry u mUst watch this kind of vide0..

omg, cute kitties!
and poor aki, haha :D
hahah..hows???best xxxxxx....
best ritE??the ugly aki..
n0 larh aki actually being isolated,pathetic 
 person,,ingnore by his siblings..HAHA!
momo,popo and lolo..
and the end he f0und someone who is his secret admirer
Ini adalah matlUtfi pnyer video...
owh i like it!i like t0 watching all of his vide0..
very funny he's very commitment in w0rking~ngee....

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sEkadar uNtuk meNc0ret-carEt di rUang hati kEhidUpanku..kamsaHamnida